July 20, 2015

A couple weekends ago Chris and I went to Lake George to celebrate his birthday. Yes—sometimes I take a break from work and enjoy life.

I have to say, out of all the places within a two hour drive of Western Massachusetts, Lake George is by far my favorite. It's a beautiful lake with deep-blue water, interspersed islands, all following the contour of the surrounding mountains. The village is more than just a lake: there's the DILLIGAF store (a family favorite), the arcades, and an abundance of "gift" shops.


Lake George will not stop until you've spent your last penny.

Don't be fooled, I thoroughly enjoy spending time there. Provided the opportunity, I would purchase property in that area. The homes go for a few million, no problem—do you take charge? Sigh, someday that'll be a possibility, for now I'll just spend the weekend there visiting the tiny animals...

Like these tiny ducks:

This tiny frog:

Or even this tiny puppy (which we contemplated buying):

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